The inSight software product is a comprehensive software solution reflecting the needs of Industry 4.0 which enables customers to quickly reach their operational goals and improve production efficacy. inSight optimizes automated system processes and helps achieve significantly better results in the surface painting segment.

inSight software’s primary functions for the industrial surface finishing segment:

  • Complex management of technological processes
  • Visualization of important processes
  • Improvement of quality and productivity of manufacturing processes
  • Management of industrial Big Data
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Modern graphic and intuitive design
  • Secure access from any device 24/7

inSight PLC

This module is a comprehensive management system running on the PLC system which ensures detailed management and safety of transportation technology, process technologies and surface paint application. The safety and management logic design makes it possible for the customer to manufacture the desired products efficiently and in high quality, according to the proposed specification.

inSight Control

Professional visualization software for comprehensive management, configuration and monitoring of industrial painting technologies. inSight Control ensures the quality, efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process. Moreover, the software solution offers the possibility of remote access from any device, sending reports via e-mail on a GSM network and real-time recording of the manufacturing process’ status. It also includes a service tablet and a module for allocating individual employees/operators to shifts and workplaces.

inSight smartControl

Visualization software for operation of a particular area of the manufacturing process. inSight smartControl also offers the options of efficient management of production inputs and outputs, 2D or 3D barcode scanning, identification label printing, process operating manual displaying, and signalization using LED technology.

inSight IoT

The IoT cloud platform ensures production management for line painting and surface finishing technologies. The platform primarily collects and saves IoT industrial data and then analyses and optimizes manufacturing processes and products. The platform also includes MES, Analytics and Warehouse modules.


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